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E-BOOK: The Public Voice in a Democracy at Risk


Michael Salvador, Patricia M. Sias
Greenwood Publishing Group, 1 de jan de 1998208 páginas
This collection assesses the condition of civic dialogue in our avowedly participatory democracy and suggests specific educational, institutional, and individual actions to enhance the contemporary public debate of social and political issues. An interdisciplinary group of distinguished scholars examines current problems and potential improvements in areas such as citizenship education, media literacy, critical viewing skills, civic journalism, the internet and democratic dialogue, media coverage of political campaigns, the recovery of excluded cultural voices, and citizen engagement in media and electoral processes.

The book is divided into four parts: the first summarizes many of the predominant criticisms leveled at what passes for democratic debate in America today. Each of the next three parts focuses on specific areas for potential enhancement: public education, the mass media, and citizen awareness. “The Public Voice in a Democracy at Risk” offers important insights for scholars, students, and citizens interested in fostering participatory democracy.